domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Wrong informations

Hello guys here I go in one more post I hope you like it!

The internet became the most used tool for searching informations
about anything that we may need, but, we have to keep our eyes openned
because there are some sites that gives us the information missing something,
the text starts very well and tells about what you want, but , in the middle
the context is not so usefull or do not explore what were expected
when seeking for anything on the internet we must be carefull
and check if can we trust on the informations given from the site

pay attention! don't believe in all that you
see on the internet be lazy to read can
bring problems.

by Léo

sorry with the errors

sexta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2011

“connaissance inutile”

Salut mes amies.
Aujourd'hui je vais parler de “connaissance inutile”
Il y a des persones qui croit que tout connaissance n’est pas utile. 
Ils pensent qui certains thèmes qui n’est pas de leurs  intérêts ne peuvent pas
 être utilisés à un certain moment dans leur vie, 
jusqu’à réalisent que las informations inutiles seront utile. 
L'important nous n’eliminer pas  les connaissances que nous sont
 offerts parce que aujourd’hui  il n'est pas utile
 mais à l'avenir il pourrait être utile. 

Pensez-y !


Excuze-moi pour les erreurs !

 Maay Tudesco <3

Can Computers be a bad thing for the youngs?

In nowadays, some youngs and adolescents through their days in front of a computer

and most of these ones starts to lose their social life they wont go out with friends,

lost the wish for visiting different places and it can be a serious problem.

Our social lives are important we must have the computer, internet and their contents to have fun as a kind of entertaining and keep in mind that the internet can be dangerous

so we have to go out and meet people to many different activities this way the computer

will be just a tool in our favor.

It can be boring and useless at first view but it's not a history for kids this is real

so enjoy more your friends can be a nice tip

your english responsible


quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2011

Bienvenue =D

Bienvenue  mes amies de la blog bilingue Anglais et Français
je m’appele Mayara,
je suis la responsable de  écrire en français ici.
J’espere que vous aimez s2

Excuze-moi pour lês erreurs ;D

bisous !!

Maay Tudesco <3

Introducing me and our ideas

I am Leonardo and I really like english
me and my friend Mayara, we had this idea
because we want to show our love for the english and french
we will talk about many things that we like and things to think
with different subjects in the way to bring to you something new
so, if you like the blog and the files comment with your friends

we hope you enjoy our blog